The Last Time We Didn't Have a Pep Rally was World War II

Favorite Rita's / Tropicool ice flavor:

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of a classic man. I always get vanilla milkshakes, sometimes malted, though. I've never been to Rita's, I'm a Tropicool kind of guy.

How many times do you plan to mention J.D. Kameen in your speech?

I don't plan to mention J.D. I'm kind of a classic man.

How would you train a blind squirrel to find a nut?

What happens when an animal doesn't have one sense? Its other couple of senses get better. So, you just kind of teach the squirrel to sniff for the nut, instead of looking for it. If a squirrel has a difference from the other squirrels, it gets isolated from the other squirrel population and I would love to help it out.

Did you laugh, cringe, or praise Kevin Peters' question to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in assembly a few weeks ago?

At the time I cringed, but just seeing her response to all the stuff going on right now, I kind of praise him. He had a point, it was a convoluted way to get it across, but I have to give the guy props for standing up for that, even though it wasn't the most well thought out question.

What are you passionate about?

I really like liberal theology. I know that's a weird hobby, but I really like writing it, and I really like writing stories. I don't promise that they are good, but I still like writing them. I like reading and watching crash course videos as well.

If an article were to be written about you in the Gilman News, what would the headline say?

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