What is the first thing you will do as student body president?

Begin planning the Gilman v. McDonogh pep rally. This pep rally is crucial to introducing new students to the culture and camaraderie of Gilman as well as excite the student body for what is sure to be a competitive game and fun school year.

What makes you different from the other candidates?

I didn’t know a single one of my classmates or teachers when I first came to Gilman. Since then, I was elected junior class president and lead the most financially successful year for my class as of yet. I’ve shown how I can adapt to a new environment and be successful.

Movie title that best describes my life

Movie title that best describes my life

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Why should the student body vote for you?

As the junior class president, I’ve gained invaluable experience raising money and coordinating with faculty and clubs to organize events for the student body. Also, I learn quickly: less than two weeks into this school year, I coordinated with the BBQ club to raise almost $500 during a single event. Additionally, I have several plans to make this coming school year the best yet. These include a mental health awareness club, more blue and grey spirit days, and organizing assemblies that actually interest the student body at large.

What movie title best describes your life?

Mission: Impossible

What do you love most about Gilman?

The brotherhood. Although I may not know every one of my classmates, I know that we all have each other’s backs.