2016 Presidential Election Student Q&A

2016 Presidential Election Student Q&A

Noah Seth interviewed by Jake Brummett

Question: Who are you supporting? Jed Brummett: “Mr. Donald J. Trump.”

Noah Seth: “I am supporting Hillary Clinton.”

Q: Why are you supporting him/her? JB: “What made me join as one of his sup-

porters is my lack of trust in Hillary Clinton and how she would run this country.”

NS: “[I am supporting her] largely due to her experience. [She is] probably the most quali- ed candidate we’ve ever had for a President, concerning the fact that she has been the First Lady of the United States so she knows what it is like in the executive environment. She’s been a Senator, so she knows [how] to get legislationpassedthroughCongress.Having been the Secretary of State, she is probably more well versed in foreign policy than any other President. She understands that change takes time and compromise.”

Q: What is the most signi cant issue of this election?

JB: “I believe that would be the Syrian migrant crisis that’s going on right now. It’s going to show [whether] we are going to secure the border or any other immigration policies like that.”

NS: “I can’t even say that there is one sig- ni cant issue. Aside from any speci c issue regarding gun control or terrorist attacks and domestic security, I think that really we’re ghting in a sense in this election for the soul of the country. I think that unlike previous elections, this isn’t a discussion about policy, it’s really examining the morality of the nation... This is an opportunity for the country to really take a step back and look at the direction it is headed in morally...”

Q: How long have you been supporting this candidate?

JB: “I have been supporting Donald Trump ever since he secured the nomination over John Kasich and Ted Cruz.”

NS: “I’ve really just been supporting Hillary Clinton following her nomination.”

Q:Whathasyourcandidatedonethat you disagree with?

JB: “There have been several times where [Mr. Trump] has gone a little bit over the top with what he says. Obviously, part of his strategy is having a very loud voice and making all these headline statements, but a couple of times, including when he attacked a reporter who had a disability, [his comments have] been in bad taste, and have occasion- ally gone over the top. He sometimes does not know how to keep his mouth shut.”

NS: “I think that she is a bit too hawkish.

I was opposed to the Iraq War. I thought it was an excuse to get in and e ectively shore up our oil supply. I feel like her handling of State Department business could have been much more e ective.”

Q: How do you feel about Trump not releasing his tax returns?

JB: “Releasing [your] tax returns as a Presi- dent is not a must. I know it is very traditional to release them, but I’m sort of indi erent. If [Mr. Trump] releases [his] tax returns and follows traditions, that’s ne, but if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to.”

NS: “I think it’s shady if I’m speaking hon- estly. Candidates I think since 1965 have released their tax returns so for him to break that chain looks bad to say the least. Espe- cially when he is being so critical of Hillary Clinton for being far too guarded and not trustworthy,andyetherefusestoreleasehis tax returns.”

Q: How do you feel about the Clinton email scandal?

JB: “I think she was irresponsible and very reckless with her emails. I think she posed a threat to national security with some of the content she was emailing. And it seems that with this whole thing, she is not as transpar- ent as she claims to be.”

NS: “I kind of think at this point, the fact that it’s still dragging on is a bit blown out of

proportion, especially during the FBI inves- tigation that the information at the time that none had been deemed to have been classi ed or sensitive in any way. I am glad that it was made an issue during the primaries and that the American public had an opportunity to question her about it. However, I think the fact that people are having this be the end all be all for her as a candidate is all immature and unnecessary.”

Q: What do you think of your candi- date’s Vice President?

JB: “I feel that Mike Pence is a great choice for Vice President. Many people’s concern about Trump was that he was not a ‘real conservative’ that embodied those [conser- vative] values. Governor Pence is clearly a very conservative individual. He holds many conservative values, and I really like the fact that [Mr. Trump] selected a very conserva- tiveVicePresident.”

NS: “I like Tim Kaine. Lots of people say he is really boring, but he is an experienced politician. He has been the Junior Senator I think from Virginia since like 2013. Prior to that he was the Democratic Governor of Virginia, he had been the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, I even think he had served in Virginia’s state Congress. So he’s a very experienced legislator, and obviously that’s going to lend considerable experience in pushing legislation... I think he’ll be a very good advisor to President Clinton.”