By Jason Moscow


This year, Gilman’s administration, in coordination with the Student Council, is making a conscious effort to crackdown on inappropriate attire at our Homecoming Dance. Every student and parent received an email on October 5th laying out dress code restrictions:  “Your son is responsible for ensuring that both he and his date are dressed appropriately… After consulting with members of the Bryn Mawr and Roland Park community, we’ve come up with a few specific items to note for female dress: Girls may not wear a bandana or bra as the only article of clothing on the upper body. Bikinis are prohibited. Leotards may not be worn alone. Strapless tops and bare midriffs are not acceptable.” While this email was sent by the Student Council, Student Body President Matt Tomaselli confirmed that the decision to ban strapless tops was ultimately made by the administration. Dean of Student Affairs John O. Schmick reminded students today that if his date shows up wearing any of the restricted articles of clothing, neither will be allowed to enter into the dance.

Generally, I understand the administration’s effort to create a more appropriate environment for our Homecoming Dance, as certain outfits at last year’s dances did cross the line from risqué to blatantly unacceptable; that being said, I think that these general restrictions are ruling out a lot of reasonable options. I find the ban of “strapless tops” to be particularly over the top (no pun intended). Senior at Bryn Mawr Georgia Brown expressed, “It seems hypocritical that Gilman is not allowing girls to wear strapless attire to homecoming, an informal dance, while they happily allow us to wear strapless dresses to prom.”

Perhaps, this debate is highlighting a generational gap between students and administrators; however, I encourage everybody in the Gilman community to remember that it is not the 1950s anymore. With the assistance of students from Bryn Mawr and Roland Park, I created a short spread of strapless options that should be deemed appropriate for our Homecoming Dance.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Macy's