Sophomore Common Room

By: Jackson Tacka

After many years of having no place to call home, the sophomore class is now in the trial phase of their new common room, an initiative spearheaded by Sophomore Class President Essex Thayer (’20) and Mr. John Schmick. The new common room is set to be in the second floor area of the Lumen Center outside of the foreign language classrooms. Other options included the Gilman Room and Centennial Hall, but the administration along with Essex decided that the second-floor Lumen Center area would be a better fit for a common room. Essex explained those rooms to be “more official rooms and would be too fancy for the sophomore class common room.”

Explaining the struggles of not having a common room during sophomore year, Varun Maheshwari (’19) comments, “After a freshman year packed with many fun activities in CT-20, we felt lost and without a home for our class. That sense of togetherness left and we tried to make the science building our temporary home.” This has been a continuous issue throughout many years of sophomore classes causing concerns of class unity.

At the end of freshmen year, the lack of a common room was a hot topic when it came time to pick the class of 2020’s sophomore class president. Essex, in his speech to the class, talked about the idea of having a new common room.

The rules for the common room mirror the rules of the other common rooms around school; no food or drinks are allowed and all sophomores in the common room are expected to act respectfully and not be a disturbance. One rule specific to the second floor common room is that no furniture is to be moved and the only places people should be sitting are in chairs, on couches, or on the floor.

The common room will not see much use for another couple weeks as many sophomores prefer to meet together outside of the science building during the warmer months as it is more convenient to get to their lockers. As Saijai Kaushal (’20) says, “I think the common room is not being used too much since it is so far away from our lockers and classrooms. I see everyone after lunch uses the space outside of the science building rather than our common room.”

This common room will most likely be used as a congregating spot for the sophomores only during the winter months since, as seen in years previous and so far this year, the sophomore class prefers to be outside as long as the weather is bearable. Gabe Gonzales (’20) said, “I’d prefer to be outside at the tables as long as I can deal with the weather.” However, in the winter months, the common room will be a great way for the sophomore class to continue to have the class unity that was present at the end of freshman year.

Once the trial time is up, the continuation of the sophomore common room will be determined by the responsibility of the sophomores. When asked if he could see the common room used for future classes to come, Essex replied, “For future leaders that will pass through the sophomore class, I highly encourage you to use the space or find a more suitable one because the sophomores are certainly given the short straw when it comes to this issue.”