In Search of A Sophomore Hangout

In Search of A Sophomore Hangout

By: Noah Abrams

Everyone loves that time before first period or after lunch when they can go to the spot where their grade can congregate with their peers. Well, it is very different for the sophomore class. While the freshmen have CT-20, the juniors have the second floor common room, and the seniors usually have the senior room, the sophomores, on the other hand, have no designated hangout spot. 

Although they tend to congregate on the lawn chairs and picnic tables outside the Science Building, they can only sit there when it is dry and warm enough outside. When they cannot convene there, the sophomores are typically spread around different places within the school in small social groups. Many of them, in fact, do not know where to go at these times and end up going to their next class, losing this time to relax. Logan Paff (‘19) said, “A lot of the time I don’t know where anyone is and just go to class instead. I wish we had somewhere like CT-20 last year where our whole grade could be.” 

Because many of the Class of 2019 students have been bothered by this absence of a definitive hangout space, the sophomore class representatives have attempted to solve this issue. Tenth grade Class Treasurer Quinn Beagle said, “We [class officers] have tried to talk to some of the faculty about this but didn’t get very far.” First, Quinn said they had consulted with Dr. Mo, who agreed it was unfair that the sophomores do not have a place to relax.  When asked about it, he explained that “We do really great with freshman. We have freshman fifth and guidance and health class and CT-20. I think sophomores are kind of cut loose as soon as they become sophomores.”  After talking with Dr. Mo, Quinn remarked that they, the sophomore officers, hit a wall and ran into some issues. He said, “When it was the discussed, the issue of ‘where would we go’ and ‘who would proctor us’ kind of stood in our way.” 

Additionally, this lack of a hangout spot poses a threat to the class unity. Earlier in the year Mr. Will Sheard, Form Chair of the tenth grade, took a poll and found around 50% of the class felt there was a lack of unity within the grade. When asked about the idea of creating a spot for the sophomores, Mr. Sheard said, “I certainly think that could be a good idea, but I don’t know how that would work in practice… I am sure it would be a great place to hangout and get to know people you don’t, but I think equally it could be a place for people to slack off a bit,”

Quinn Beagle (‘19) says that, “Hopefully the work we’re doing now will result in us having a place to hangout, but we are also doing this for the classes to come and in hopes that they will get one and be more fortunate than us.”