Matorras To Take Over Volleyball Program

By: Noah Abrams

The Gilman volleyball team completed their previous season by winning a championship on the JV and Varsity level, now having four MIAA championships in their pocket. Subsequent to winning the final game on November 4th of last year, head coach William Allenbach had some thinking to do about the upcoming season. About three months later, Coach Allenbach made his decision not to return as head coach of the varsity team after working with them for the past two years.

Allenbach’s departure brought about the search for a new head coach, but it was pretty obvious who would takeover. Only a week after coach Allenbach announced his departure from the program, Director of Athletics Mr. Timothy Holley reported that Coach Diego Matorras would become the new head coach of the varsity team. This was no surprise due to the fact that as head coach of the JV team, he completed two very successful seasons, taking his team to the finals in his first year and completing a perfect season in his second. Matorras is also experienced in coaching at the varsity level, noting, “In previous years, I was helping coach Allenbach as an assistant coach to the varsity team.”

Although extremely qualified for the job, there will be some new things Matorras will be in charge of and some adjustments he’ll have to make while transitioning to varsity. Coach Matorras said, “I think the main difference is not going to be coaching the team, but it’s going to be just running the program itself and making decisions about calendars, schedules, and the direction of the program.”

Aside from gaining new responsibilities and adapting his coaching style, Matorras will be trusted with continuing the excellence of the Gilman volleyball program. It is evident when looking at past seasons that the “volleyhounds” have had a continuous trend of successful seasons. When asked where he feels the program is headed, Matorras said, “I’m dreaming big, so I want the program to be the best program it can be. I guess the direction I would say [we’re headed] is up.” With this attitude, Coach Matorras’s ambition and optimism about next year will hopefully bring continued success to the program.