Red All Over Debuts

By: Greg Diette

RPCS has officially joined the Tri-School student newspaper community. Lucy Van Dyke and Julia Schoenberg (both members of RPCS class of 2018) took it upon themselves to create the new publication, Red All Over. Julia explains, “Last year Lucy and I really wanted to write for the paper but there wasn’t one, so we realized that we had to start it from scratch.” Lucy added, “We started everything at the beginning of last year, and we held a meeting to see who would actually be interested, but it wasn’t till this year that we actually started brainstorming articles.”

The girls, however, quickly discovered that creating such a club is no easy feat as Lucy explains, “It took a lot longer than expected to actually come out with articles on the website.” They had planned on putting out their first issue after a month, but after having to learn how to create and use a brand new website in addition to a number of other hurdles, it ultimately took roughly six months of hard work to post their first articles.

The challenges facing Red All Over did not go away after fully establishing their organization and publishing their first pieces on the website. Lucy and Julia generally had difficulty finding common ground with the administration in terms of the content they wanted to cover. Julia explained, “We’ve been working with the administration to address topics that are both appropriate and interesting to the student body. The problem with this is that some of our most interesting articles push the boundaries a little, but we’re working to find a middle ground while also discussing controversial issues in the community.”

Julia describes the objective and topics for the news, explaining, “We want to cover issues that relate to teenagers and more specifically an all-girls environment… We obviously want to appeal to a wide audience so we want to do sports, theater, and arts.” Lucy, however, added, “We do start our meetings with asking everyone what they want to write about.”

Lucy and Julia articulated their future plans for the paper, saying, “We want it to be more successful on the website this year and get more people interested and then next year publish our first hard copy.” Lucy felt uncertain about the future of Red All Over after their class graduates given the heavy junior presence in their newspaper and initial lack of freshman and sophomore participation. Julia, however, explains, “I think underclassmen were a little bit scared to join at first but now that it has been fully established we are going to recruit more freshman and sophomores to the news.”

Their digital publication can be found at, and be on the lookout for their print publication coming next year. The Gilman News would also like to encourage all students in the tri-school community to get involved in their newspaper and help represent the voice of the students.