'Thea' Later, Ms. Brown

By: Nathan Hedgecock

As the year comes to a close, Gilman will have to say goodbye to this year’s Tickner Writing Fellow, Ms. Thea Brown. Most Gilman students know Ms. Brown from her proctoring of the Writing Center. Additionally, Ms. Brown acted as a literary advisor to Paragon, scheduled several of this year’s assembly speakers as part of the Writers at Work series, and taught two creative writing courses. Mr. Patrick Hastings, the English Department Chair, recognizes, “Ms. Brown has been one of the most impressive Tickner fellows that we have had in recent memory for her dedication to her students and her natural talent in the classroom.”

Her creative writing class is an elective in which seniors write short fiction stories and poems. Mr. Hastings expressed, “I was really excited by the energy and appreciation for literary craft that suffused that classroom.” Despite having a small class, Ms. Brown has impressed many seniors with her teaching. One of her students, David Mazer (’17), adds, “I really appreciate her ability to go off track when it is relevant. It has made for a great experience as my senior year winds down.” Ms. Brown’s class has been receptive to her curriculum. She explains that she, “was surprised how willing all of my students have been to just go for experimentation in their writing and take on crazy assignments.”

After Gilman, Ms. Brown will stay in Baltimore to continue her writing and go back to editing. She is currently making revisions to her second book, Famous Times, and has started a third book, Loner Forensics.    

From her full-year Creative Writing students to students seeking help in the Writing Center, all of Gilman will be disappointed to see Ms. Brown leave. Mr. Hastings summarized our collective sentiment, “We always miss the Tickner fellows when they depart and it is sad that it is such a short stint, but we are going to especially miss Ms. Brown. She has been a great colleague and a terrific member of the faculty.”