Sleep Week

By: Casey Doyle

Sleep Week was an idea proposed by former School President Matt Tomaselli (’17) as a week where classes would start an hour later. Tomaselli was originally inspired by a number of things. He explained that in his junior year he and his friends “struggled to get a healthy amount of sleep.” He quickly became interested in the idea of a week of rest and that interest peaked when “[his] mom was also reading Arianna Huffington's book The Sleep Revolution. She passed along the book and pointed to the chapter where Huffington cites a myriad of colleges that have various events and programs to encourage and acknowledge the value of sleep.”

Tomaselli stated that many Gilman students are not getting enough sleep, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle for students: “[Sleep] fuels you to attack tasks with more energy and focus. I certainly didn't want to drastically change the fact that Gilman is a challenging school where students are pushed and are given a lot of work; instead, I wanted to find a balance and make sure that students can be working as hard as possible while staying as healthy as possible. By doing so, I think we can make our ‘best selves’ even better.”

He originally presented the idea to the student body in his presidential speech. Although Tomaselli had a great idea, he was unable to put Sleep Week in action because of scheduling issues and the inability to survey the student body’s sleeping habits.

While  Sleep Week didn’t happen this year, the School President-elect, Piper Bond (’18), promised a similar “recharging day” in his election speech. “My idea is to try to have a few Recharging Days throughout the school year in which the daily schedule is slightly altered so that the student body is able to catch up on homework, classwork, and ultimately sleep,” said Bond  when asked about his idea for next year. Even though Matt Tomaselli was unable to fulfill his campaign promise, there’s still a chance for the Greyhounds to have an opportunity for more sleep next school year.