Future of GTV

By: Ibbe Ashruf

Amidst a record-high number of Greyhound TV's members being departing seniors, including Julian Baron (‘18), President and Lead Commentator, the broadcasting program at Gilman will definitely be affected by the extensive loss of its crew members. Although GTV will lose close to half its current member base, Baron has a clear vision for the future.

Baron has chosen ninth grader Essex Thayer, the freshman class Vice President, to lead the non-athletic interscholastic club. With Mr. Cesare Ciccanti's mentorship and expertise, Essex hopes to “rebuild the club” and “keep the integrity of Greyhound TV while still rebuilding our program with the help of the rising freshman and sophomore classes.” Julian said, “I believe that Essex has an unbreakable willpower and is so focused on getting the job done consistently, and I also know that he will need help and will have to trust his producers and commentators alike. As much as I am putting my faith into Essex as president, I also trust that this year’s rising seniors will continue to show dedication and commitment.”

Julian believes that Essex is more than capable and hopes that Essex will "use people like Jon Zheng, Ibbe Ashruf, and others to the best of his ability," and "maintain the consistency of broadcasts." Essex believes success moving forward for Greyhound TV will come through "spreading the wealth," as well as "supporting our teams and being their voice." Next year, Essex plans to possibly cover sports like Volleyball and Ice Hockey more extensively than this year. Though Essex will still play three interscholastic sports next year, he believes that "it will not mentally affect his commitment," and in order to alleviate some of his duties and maintain the strength of Greyhound TV, he has designated Derrick Thompson (‘18) as vice president.

Despite the amount of crew leaving this year, Essex said that he will "rely on and trust this year's rising senior commentators as well as his talented production team," and will continue his dedication and commitment to Greyhound TV. Finally, Essex projects a future where people have a "passion and love for Greyhound TV" and strives to lead an even more comprehensive and entertaining program than years past.