Schloeder's House

By: Greg Diette

For students, being able to go home to take a nap and watch TV during free periods sounds like a dream come true. James Schloeder (’19) lives on campus and thought that he could make this dream a reality. However, the Administration has recently informed James that he cannot achieve such an aspiration.

James has lived in the housing on Gilman’s property for about six years and has enjoyed the benefits that come with it. He explained, “I have access to all the fields and gyms pretty much whenever I want, and I am able to wake up at 7:45am on school days and still make it to first period on time.”

Along with many other students at Gilman, James has always thought that the only rule for sophomores during the lunch period regarding their location was that they have to stay on Gilman’s campus. Indeed, Gilman’s 2016-2017 Student/Parent Handbook explicitly states “9th and 10th Graders must remain in the academic area during the lunch period.” By that logic, James believed going to his house during long lunch was surely fair game. However, Mr. Smith explained, “The academic area in which freshmen sophomores and juniors are permitted during lunch does not include the athletic building or other areas out of sights of Carey Hall.” So it was no surprise that when he tried to eat lunch at his house during a long lunch, James encountered very different results than he expected. He explains, “I was eating some pizza at my house when suddenly there was a knock at the door and I was told that I was ‘off campus’ and had to leave. What really confused me was that they went on to say they I could be in my front yard if I wanted, but just couldn’t go inside.” However, after taking a deeper look at the rules, he may not be able to hang out in his front yard either. James was still very upset about the altercation and the fact that he won’t be able to enjoy these privileges until his senior year.

James feels that this rule does not make much sense and thinks he should be able to go home during lunch: “I don’t really see the harm in taking a nap in my house when I have no academic commitment, and I really don’t see what the difference is in me going to my house and going to hang out on the oval during lunch because both are on campus….and my parents are completely okay with it, so again I don’t see where I am breaking the rules,” said James.

He will continue to fight for the ability to go home during his free periods, and will hopefully be allowed by junior year. Mr. Smith, Dean of Students, explained that as of now, “There really is no rule against Juniors going to their on-campus homes after fourth period. I have a meeting with Mr. Goldman to address issues and grey areas in the handbook every year, and I will certainly bring that up in our conference.”