Spring Sports Success

By: Kofi Whitehead

At Gilman, spring sports are represented by five interscholastic sports, and ten intramurals. These sports represent more than the just the beginning of the end of the year. This spring athletic season was highlighted by championships from both the Varsity Tennis and Varsity Track teams.

The tennis team started their season in California in the Sage Hill Invitational tournament, which John Maragakis (’19) dubbed “one of the hardest parts of the season.” They won the tournament and returned to Baltimore as they looked to win their fourth straight MIAA title. As the season progressed, they kept winning, going into the MIAA tournament as the undefeated, number one seed. They battled Calvert Hall in the championship and came out on top by a close margin, securing their fourth straight title. When asked about next year and the attempt to go for a fifth straight MIAA title, Maragakis commented,  “Next year’s team will be very good. We will still have our star player Derrick ‘Dodger’ Thompson (‘18) as well as keeping our top three singles players. We have a lot of young talent that will be around for awhile.”

The track team shared a similar story, also achieving an undefeated season. Head Coach Johnnie Foreman said that the hardest part was“...keeping us focused and physical fitness and conditioning and making sure we  trained appropriately. Attendance, being at practice, you can’t get better when you miss practice. Training sessions are progression, learning how to race.” The track team, led by seniors Tory Young, Adero Mandala, and Ayende Watson, went into their first day of championships having been undefeated in the regular season. On the first day of championships, Gilman fell behind Mount Saint Joe 44-46, yet on the second day they came back from behind to win the Hoffman Cup by scoring 155.5 points. Coach Foreman looked ahead to the future of the track program and remarked that there are “[a] lot of young prospects, the rising seniors will be pretty good. The rising juniors and freshman will need to build a base, if you plan on being on the outdoor team, you can’t be dormant in the fall or winter. One thing you can’t coach is competition.”

Congratulations to both team on the championships, and look forward to seeing what is in store next year.