Bidding Farewell to Both Mr. Wil(l)sons

By: Noah Abrams

After six years of dedicated teaching, Mr. Troy Wilson will be departing from Gilman. Mr. Wilson, or Coach Wilson as many students know him, has taught precalculus and calculus to eleventh and twelfth graders in addition to coaching wrestling, track, and football.

This summer, Mr. Wilson will continue to teach math at Gilman during the summer school program, but he will begin teaching and coaching football at McDonogh in the fall. Similar to many who leave Gilman, Mr. Wilson expressed that he will miss the place where where he has worked for the past six years: “I love Gilman. It’s been a great experience for me here. The school and administration have been very generous [to] me. It’s been a great school. I’ve had great relationships with both the students and faculty here and it’s going to be sad to leave.”

Furthermore, Mr. Brooks, Math Department Chair felt that Mr. Wilson will be greatly missed because of the commitment he has shown to the school. He said, “I think it is going to be a legacy he’s going to leave. In many different ways as an advisor, teacher or coach he has gone above and beyond.”

Many feel that his presence will especially be missed on the field and in the gym, as he has had a large impact on many athletes. Gilman football player Josh Ettlinger (’19) notes, “Working with Coach Wilson was always really rewarding. He always was on me, but in a good way because he really cared and wanted me to get better. It’s really all you can ask from a coach.” Aside from on the field, Mr. Wilson is liked by many in the classroom. Junior Doug Godine  said, “He was one of the greatest teachers I’ve had because he knew my strengths and weaknesses and helped me according to that.”

Finally, Mr. Wilson feels that he not only has had a  great experience teaching at Gilman, but also enjoys everything he has learned from friends and his students. He explains,  “Something I noticed, especially from teaching here, is that boys learn better and have a better learning experience when they have a positive relationship with their teacher.” Clearly, this is what Mr. Wilson has done with many of his students and what he will try to do next year as he continues his teaching career. Thank you, Mr. Wilson, and good luck.