Mr. Jay Gnanadoss

By: Michael Johnson

This year, Gilman welcomes a new head of the math department, Mr. Jay Gnanadoss, who will be taking over for Mr. Gouline. Gnanadoss’s role, however, is not strictly administrative; he plans to teach multiple sections of AB calculus as well as a section of honors pre-calculus. Moreover, Gnandoss will join the athletic department, coaching fitness in the winter season and table tennis matched with badminton in the spring.

Having been born in Chennai, India Gnanadoss offers a unique perspective to the Gilman faculty. There, Gnanadoss began his career in mathematics. “I did my high school in India and then went to the Merchant Marine Academy,” says Gnanadoss. From this foundation, he “launched into a career as a marine engineer and did that for a total of seven years.” But his foray in engineering did not end there, as Gnanadoss “came in as a transfer student to the Rochester Institute of Technology.” There, Gnanadoss received an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, also receiving a graduate degree in petroleum engineering at Pittsburgh.

During his studies, Gnanadoss also worked as a teacher, adding that “when [he] was a graduate student [he] actually taught as a graduate assistant and really enjoyed that experience.” After a positive experience teaching and looked to enter the field of petroleum engineering, he decided to teach for one or two years. He adds “it was kind of just something I just decided on a whim. I said if I’m going to go as an engineer for the rest of my life … I would try teaching for a few years and then move into my engineering career.”  

In addition to a having polished record as an engineer, Gnanadoss brings an impressive tenure as an educator to the Gilman math department.  “I taught at Woodberry Forest School down in Virginia for twenty-nine years, and Woodberry is an all-boys, all-boarding school.” Accordingly, Gnanadoss is more than accustomed to the all-boys environment at Gilman. He also has experience at coed schools, teaching at Blair Academy in Northwest New Jersey. Gilman presented Gnanadoss with a new atmosphere as a day school. He explained, “I kinda wanted to transition out of the boarding school environment and try something different, which was a day school, so Gilman was almost a perfect fit for me.”

Beyond teaching, Mr. Gnanadoss loves to read and travel. This summer, he joined many other math teachers and assisted in grading AP Calculus exams, an effort in which he has partaken for five years.

With such an illustrious résumé, Gnanadoss will surely be a valuable asset to the Gilman faculty.