Mrs. Sarah Ross

By: Ibbe Ashruf

Following Ms. Iva Turner’s departure and a much anticipated nationwide search that began in 2016, Gilman has named Ms. Sarah Ross as the new Director of College Counseling.

Ms. Ross grew up in a small town in Connecticut with a family of sisters and parents who were all independent school educators. She went to an all-girls school and loves to read and cook. One of her favorite authors is Daniel Tatum, a renowned educator who specializes in topics relating to race and racial relations.

For the past three years, Ms. Ross has served as the Assistant Head of School for Enrollment at Kent School, a position which entailed college counseling and admissions. Before serving as the Assistant Head of Enrollment, she was the Director of College Counseling at Kent School. Before working at Kent, Ms. Ross served at American University's School of International Service, Barnstable Elementary School in Massachusetts, and Trinity School in Menlo Park, California. In addition to her various past workplaces, Ms. Ross has received glowing recommendations as referenced in a letter sent to parents by Mr. Smyth earlier this year upon the announcement of her hiring.

For the past two months, Ms. Ross has been becoming familiar with the Gilman community and transitioning to a new a position at an all-boys institution. She has met with many rising seniors and is impressed by the boys’ outstanding efforts in everything they do. Ms. Ross said, “I am really excited to work with these boys who have so much passion for the things they do, whether it is playing a sport or art or scholarship”.

In addition to her transition to the Gilman community, she is taking in a change of scenery as she is new to the Baltimore area. She has lived in cities before while working at the Harvard Institute for International Development and Stanford University, and she is adjusting once again to the city environment and the Baltimore culture that comes with it. She said, “My husband and I moved here and we are really loving it… I am so intrigued with the history, culture, and a lot of challenges and I love seeing that Gilman is looking at ways to better this city”.

Although Ms. Ross will not teach any classes, have an advisory or coach any students this year, she looks forward to doing so in the following years. Since Ms. Ross’s arrival to the faculty this July, no major changes have been made to the College Counseling department, and Ms. Ross says that it’s hard to say if there will be any significant changes in the near future.

Ms. Ross’s vision for the College Counseling office at Gilman is to continue the great work that the office does with such talented faculty and help boys get through the college admissions process with less stress and anxiety in order to highlight what a great opportunity a college education really is. We wish Ms. Ross a smooth transition and hope to see her flourish while helping Gilman boys succeed in every endeavor through the duties of the Director of College Counseling.