Behind the Administration

By: Gregory Diette

The Gilman Administration is often the name to blame whenever a controversial decision is made at Gilman, despite their clandestine existence. Although “The Administration” is constantly thrown around among Gilman students, it is almost as though no one truly knows who they are or what exactly they do. Frank McGurkin (‘19) explained his view of the Administration, saying, “I kind of think of them like Big Brother from 1984. I don’t really know who they are, but I feel like they are always watching.”

Mr. Rob Heubeck, Head of the Upper School, explains that the details about the Administration are not intended to be kept a secret. He says, “It is a leadership team made up of the various heads around Gilman.” He then adds, “I think part of the confusion surrounding the Administration is that students don’t see a lot of the members very often.” In fact, on the Gilman website, the administrators are listed as follows: Henry P. A. Smyth, Headmaster; Bartley Griffith Jr., Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning; Robert Heubeck, Head of the Upper School; Peter O. Kwiterovich '87, Head of the Middle School; Armistead Webster, Head of the Lower School;  Timothy Holley, Jr. '77, Director of Athletics; Amy Furlong, Director of Enrollment; Marc J. Hoffman, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds; Sean T. Furlong, Director of Finance and Operations; Sarah Ross, Director of College Counseling; Johnnie L. Foreman, Jr., Director of Community and Diversity; M. Kate Ratcliffe, Director of Development; Diane Fuller, Director of Libraries; Brooke Blumberg, Director of Marketing and Communications; Wes Hummer, Director of Operations; Tahare (Tye) Campbell, Director of Technology.

The administrators meet twice a month in the Bailliere Room, the ornate space with a rectangular round table across from Mr. Smyth’s office, but also convene when an issue needs to be addressed more immediately. “We talk about things that have to be decided upon; we may talk about Blue and Gray Day, enrollment at Gilman, or all-school initiatives,” explained Mr. Heubeck when asked about the specifics of administrative meetings.

In addition to being required to attend several meetings per month, administrators are also required to work at Gilman all summer. Unlike students and regular faculty, the administration members come to Gilman every week day, even when there are no classes.

Moving forward, Gilman students will hopefully feel more familiar and comfortable with who is in charge of making big decisions at Gilman. The administrative leaders will continue to represent all divisions of Gilman and will continue to make Gilman what it is today.