The End of Clax (?)

By: Tyler Witherspoon

As winter season approaches its end and athletes are gearing up for spring, saddening news has shocked the Gilman community; the beloved, respected Gilman Club Lacrosse program has come to an end. The school has decided to terminate the Club Lacrosse program, dubbed “Clax” by the student body, at the onset of this year’s spring season. This decision by the school has upset both returning players to the team and players hoping to earn a spot on this upcoming team’s squad. Junior Frank McGurkin spoke about the decision to end the Club Lacrosse program, explaining, “I was really looking forward to being on the team this upcoming spring. Last year’s team looked like a lot of fun, and I could definitely tell the players were both improving and loving the sport. I am disappointed by the decision to end the program but am hopeful there will be movements to bring it back.”

The reasons for the ending of Clax are fairly unknown to the student body, as last year’s team seemed to have success on the field. Many of the players and coaches enjoyed their time in the program and felt as though the team allowed them to polish their lacrosse skills and bond as friends. When asked about his experience with Clax, interim head coach for last year’s season and Tech Department employee Mr. David Wilson stated,  “Even though it wasn’t a very long season, it was a great opportunity for me and I enjoyed it and had fun with it, I can only hope that the team considered it enjoyable as well.”

Though coaches and players alike enjoyed their time participating in the program, the future of club lacrosse was determined by higher powers. When asked about ending the Club Lacrosse program, Athletic Director Bob Smith said, “Due to concerns about on field and off field behavior the Gilman Club lacrosse program was not renewed for this spring. Previous seasons had experienced  incidents and last spring the program was continued with caution. As a result of many years of questionable behavior, the program is not being continued this spring.”

Although, at this instance, the program has been shut down, many students are hopeful a protest will bring the team back, as was the case last year. When asked about the decision to end Clax, aspiring Senior captain Will Dewire said, “Although clax has an uncertain future, it is not dead.” If Dewire and his Club Lacrosse colleagues can relay the success, benefits, and hard work of the club lacrosse teams in the past, they may be able to bring the glorious program back to life.