Coffee, Conversation, and Capital Interest

By: Ibbe Ashruf

Earlier this summer, over 20 alumni in the business and finance world met with college students who graduated from Gilman. Alumni ranging in experience from low level interns to executives from prestigious firms like Deloitte Corporate Finance, Evercore, and Merrill Lynch met the college-aged students at Cafe Centro in the heart of New York City. 

With a diverse array of alumni, some of whom also met students at last year’s Wall Street 101 trip, recent graduates had access to an opportunity to gain insight into the industry, and veteran alumni were able to catch up with other industry leaders and specialists as well as fellow peers from their times at Gilman. 

The alumni mix included professionals in a variety of industries and specialties such as investment banking, asset management, private equity, and emerging markets, especially in Asia and South America––areas that recent Gilman graduate Michael Johnson (‘18) was glad to see as a former double-language student in Chinese and Spanish.

With such a wide variety of alumni, the meeting provided a networking experience for age groups that would otherwise not be in contact with each other. College seniors were able to get a chance to network with potential recruiters while others, in the earlier years of their college career, were able to get a taste of the industry and its different specializations. Michael Johnson (‘18) said, “It was a really great experience to get a chance to talk to veteran business and finance professionals––people that currently are a part of the industry that I am interested in pursuing soon. I also got a chance to meet some Gilman alums, now college students, who are currently interning in the areas of business and finance.”

Aside from the business side of things, the experts also gave some helpful guidance for students interested in living in New York City. Michael Johnson said, “It was great to hear perspectives from students who are transitioning into the business and finance world as well as some insights from alumni who gave some refreshing and honest advice on things like living in New York City to entering into the industry without a specialization.” 

All in all, students who attended the New York Networking event said that it was an excellent experience and one that has helped students learn more about the real day-to-day of the industry and how they may want to pursue a career in the business and finance world.