No More Standing

By: Max Sternlicht

This summer, under the lead of new Athletic Directors Ms. Lori Bristow and Mr. Russell Wrenn, the Gilman Athletic department began renovations on three major facilities: the tennis courts, the Edward Brown Football Field, and Chandlee Field.

The construction on Brown Field began on August 7th after the school discovered that its original design was not efficient. The design had many issues, most notably one that lead to slippery conditions and created a dangerous playing field. After installing new “pellets” to the turf in September of 2016, the same problems persisted. The decision to renovate the turf will hopefully lead to less slick conditions and ultimately a safer surface for competition. As of now, the renovations are scheduled to be completed on September 24th. According to Ms. Bristow, the students will be “very happy with Brown Field because they will not slip and it will drain properly”. 

In addition to the remodeling of Brown Field, the tennis courts were resurfaced to prevent the courts from buckling. The court renovations are currently scheduled to be completed on August 28th, which will be just in time for Upper School intramural tennis to enjoy the new stability of the courts.

Both projects will present Gilman students with even better athletic experiences this upcoming school year, but more importantly, they give those students a safer ground on which they can play and compete.

The third modification to the athletic facilities is the construction of the McBride Family Grandstand for Chandlee Field. Prior to this, none of the spectator area near the field was developed for seating. This forced spectators to either stand or sit awkwardly on the steep hill. When the developments to the area around Chandlee are finished, almost all of the grass hill will be available for school spirit and spectators. 

The goal of these renovations is to improve the experiences of athletics throughout the Gilman community for both the players and spectators . Although two of the three projects are still not completed, the Gilman community can only expect that the Athletic administration will outdo themselves yet again. The Chandlee seating area turned out picturesque, which is sure to be packed when the Soccer Hounds take on Boys Latin on August 30th and officially welcome the McBride Family Grandstand.