Hunt Signs Out

Hunt Signs Out

By Bryce Lloyd

After seventeen years at Gilman, the Gilman community will be saying goodbye to Mrs. Annie Hunt, an Upper School library assistant. She reflected on her time at Gilman saying, “The impact Gilman has had on me has been the joy of seeing hard-working and dedicated teachers and staff mold the minds of children.” What Mrs. Hunt will miss the most is helping the students and teachers with research, book recommendations, and creating fun activities.

Moving forward, Mrs. Hunt is eager to help her community outside of Gilman. “I am focusing more on my creative writing. I am also interested in signing up for Americorps, a program in which I can use my skills to help in community services such as tutoring inner-city children, or help in homeless shelters.”

Mr. Henry Smyth commented, “I am grateful for Ms. Hunt’s unfailingly friendly and warm demeanor. She is also a very thoughtful person who pays attention to the world around her, ... She has modeled so many of the characteristics that we value at Gilman.”

Her constant joyful presence in the library will be dearly missed. She leaves the Gilman community with this message, “working at Gilman has been a rewarding experience.” We thank Mrs. Hunt for her dedicated service and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.