Seniors On Encounter

By John Williams

For the past two weeks, all members of the class of 2019 have participated in a senior encounter, an opportunity for seniors to gain real-world experience through internships, shadowing, and apprenticeships. From right here at Gilman to T. Rowe Price, seniors have had the opportunity to gain insight on their encounter’s field of interest and learn from the pros––sometimes even literally. Gilman wide receiver James Schloeder worked in the scouting department at the Baltimore Ravens for his encounter where he reviewed film from the Ravens’ scouts during practice so that he could later provide his analysis in scout performance meetings. James said, “My favorite part of the job was attending practice and getting to see the players in person. These last two weeks have been an absolute blast.”

Aside from sports, Gilman seniors have also been investing their time in the business and finance world as well. Clark Dowling worked with D.F. Dent, a small independent investment management firm located in the Inner Harbor. A big part of his encounter has been reading books and articles by industry leaders like Warren Buffett––something that all first-year analysts must also do as soon as they arrive at D.F. Dent and other major firms. “I’ve also met with local investors for lunch,” Clark said, noting the opportunities to learn more about the industry and to create connections. Located just down the street is T. Rowe Price, where seniors Charlie East, John McGowan, Varun Maheshwari, Cam Alexander, and Colin O’Neill are spending their last two weeks. East said, “I’ve sat in on trading floors, visited Under Armour and Stifel Nicolaus, an investment banking company, and also worked on stock pitches for restaurants such as Chipotle, Papa John’s, and Domino’s. Overall, my last two weeks have been fantastic.”

But this year’s senior encounters were not just elevator pitches and film review. With students such as Arsene Ngongang and Evan Gilbert helping to teach classes at the Gilman Middle School as well as Chris Kulik performing and inspiring young kids with the guitar and music, this year’s seniors have not been confined to the cubicle of offices across Baltimore. Will Dowling had the chance to shadow Dr. Jeremy Pollock, a cardiologist at the University of Maryland St. Joseph’s Medical Center, where he was able to observe a wide range of patient care processes. Will said, “The most exciting part was probably watching open heart surgery- I stood right next to the surgeon, and he explained what he was doing the entire time!” Perhaps the most outside the office box encounter idea, however, was that of Xander Martin, Andy Andrews, and Michael Brittingham. Choosing service instead of running backs and capital interest, the three seniors volunteered with, a nonprofit in Wilmington, NC. The nonprofit protects the island of Masonboro, which is under threat due to trash pollution. In addition to their work of cleaning up the island and raising money for the organization, they also decided to travel to Masonboro from Southern Virginia on an 18ft Boston Whaler. Xander Martin said, “Overall, it’s been unbelievable to experience the natural beauty of Mason Borough and all of the locations we passed traveling down the coast while also learning life lessons we couldn’t learn in an office setting.”