Gilman Installs Upper School Cafe

Gilman Installs Upper School Cafe

By John Williams

Amongst a plethora of changes to Carey Hall this year, and in combination with the new schedule redesign, Gilman has removed a portion of the annex seating to provide space for a new installment: The Gilman Cafe.

Opening on October 1st, the cafe will provide students with a variety of fresh food options and snacks throughout the day. The cafe will open each morning at 7 AM and serve breakfast items until the beginning of first period at 8. After breakfast, the Blue & Grey Cafe will reopen during the first and second passing times, in addition to a 3 hour period in the afternoon from 2-5 PM.

Using input from a committee of student leaders, The Gilman Cafe will offer everything from small snacks such as smoothies and yogurt to more filling meals such as breakfast bagels. Prior to the opening of the Blue & Grey Cafe, there will be various trial runs for items such as Towson Hot Bagels so the school can survey the students’ preferred menu items of the students. In the latter parts of the day, more lunch-based selections such as sandwiches will be offered. These menu options will also be tested and feedback will be surveyed throughout early September.

Similar to the Gilman School Store, many of the food options will cost money, payable through cash, credit, Apple Pay, etc. However, the main difference between the cafe and the school store is the difference in options. Despite the wide variety of snacks sold at the school store, many, if not all, of the choices are unhealthy and not filling enough to sustain students throughout the afternoon. One of the primary goals of the Blue & Grey Cafe is to offer healthier and more filling foods to bolster students’ energy for sports, clubs, and other afterschool activities during the afternoon.

As we begin the 2019-2020 school year, the Blue & Grey Cafe promises to be one of the most exciting new additions to our campus and will provide great new food options to help energize students through their day as they adjust to the new schedule.