Coach John Nostrant to Succeed Brooks Matthews

By Gobi Hernandez

John Nostrant is an exciting new addition to the Gilman family as he will be taking over as the head of Varsity Lacrosse and joining the history department in the Upper School. Coach Nostrant spent over twenty-five years at Haverford School in Pennsylvania and led their lacrosse team to several national championships as well as an undefeated season in 2015. Before his coaching position at Haverford School, Coach Nostrant played professional lacrosse after graduating from Washington College. He played for the Baltimore Thunder as well as the  Philadelphia Wings for six years before moving into coaching. During his career, he was offered a position at St. Albans in Washington D.C when he played for the Thunder. He stayed for two years at the school before moving to the Wings and eventually working at Haverford School. Coach Nostrant loved his time at Haverford but had some difficulties with the administration over the last few years, so he is very excited to take the next step in his career and move to Gilman.

One thing you might not know about Coach Nostrant is that lacrosse was not his first sport. Initially picking baseball as his primary sport, Coach Nostrant played throughout elementary and middle school, however, as a lefty, he started having trouble batting consistently and ended up parting ways with the sport when he transitioned into high school. Despite his excellent track record in lacrosse, Coach Nostrant did not start playing lacrosse until his freshman year in high school. He joined the lacrosse team because most of his friends played, and he wanted to be a three-sport athlete along with basketball and football. That path led him to  play for Washington College after finishing high school in Upstate New York. All three of Coach Nostrant’s children also play or have played lacrosse in college with his oldest daughter graduating from High Point as the captain of her team along with his son who’s a junior at Penn State and his youngest who is a sophomore at Commonwealth.

In his free time, Coach Nostrant enjoys listening to music and watching movies. His favorite band is the Almond Brothers but he also enjoys Southern Rock as well as the 70’s and 80’s. He also enjoys recommendations from his children although he mentioned that they are not fond of his musical taste. His favorite movies are Forest Gump, Dating Me, The Big Chill, and also Bohemian Rhapsody which came out last year. All in all, Coach Nostrant will be an excellent new addition to the Upper School and has no doubt that the lacrosse team here at Gilman will be at its prime in no time.