Welcome Laura Soden!

By Bryce Lloyd

This year, the Gilman community will welcome Ms. Laura Soden as a member of the mathematics department. Soden was inspired to come to Gilman because of the bright community that she knows well––some of her family members, such as her husband, have worked at Gilman in the past. 

Before teaching, Ms. Soden graduated from Hamline University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In college, Soden was an accomplished athlete where she was the captain of the volleyball and basketball teams, and held school records in both. Soden has learned many life lessons through athletics, including “working to achieve my goals, learning how to deal with failure, collaborating with other people, and accepting my role within a team.” 

Prior to Gilman, Ms. Soden has held the role of Mathematics Chair at Greenwich Country Day School and Madison Country Day School for four years each. “I have learned that perfection is overrated and that mistakes often offer the biggest opportunity for growth and reflection – for both me and my students,” Soden explained while reflecting on her previous teaching experiences. 

Ms. Soden hopes to share her enthusiasm for mathematics with her students and hopes they have fun and gain some confidence as well. We welcome Ms. Laura Soden to the GIlman community this year.