What is the first thing you will do as student body president?

The first action I would take as student body president is establishing a dialogue with the student body. Every past president talks about how they want to hear from the student body on their ideas, and be better at communicating projects the student council is working on but never propose how to start this dialogue. I want to make the conversation more structured by setting aside a fifth-period meeting for anyone who wants to attend with the student council to ask questions directly to the representatives or offer suggestions. I also want to set up a way to ask questions or give suggestions online for those who have a quick question and aren’t free to stop in on the fifth period.

What makes you different from the other candidates?

The most noticeable difference is that I am the only candidate that has been at Gilman since the lower school. I have been going here with a significant amount of our senior class for twelve years and have gotten to know new students as they came along. I see the class of 2019, and I know Gilman. I have seen 11 student body presidents in my time here and have seen what works and what doesn’t. I plan to try and bring the best ideas I have seen from all those student body presidents to foster a close-knit, spirit-filled community to Gilman next year if elected.

Movie title that best describes my life

Movie title that best describes my life

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Why should the student body vote for you?

The student body should vote for me because I know host to establish a sense of brotherhood in our school. Over the past year, my favorite experience has been bonding with my Gilman brothers. To such success and with so much effort as to be a junior leader on senior retreat and a president a peer education, the two programs I commend Gilman for the most as they promote such a tremendous sense of brotherhood in our community. Although I don’t have any experience on the student council, Along with Taylor Classen I pioneered the first ever Gilman Polar Bear plunge team. In two weeks we raised $3000 and led a dozen of my Gilman brothers into freezing cold water and somehow came out with a smile on my face and much closer with that group by creating that fantastic memory. That is the type the type of work, and those are the types of memories I want to build together with you if elected student body president.

What do you love most about Gilman?

I think the easy answer is the people that make up this community. I have grown up with all of you and profoundly care for everyone who walks these halls every day, but I think the thing that I love the most about Gilman is the memories I have made with my Gilman brothers that I will carry with me forever. If you think back on your fondest Gilman memories, I bet you smile and think about a great time with your classmates. For me, I think about how ecstatic I was while storming the field at the Gilman McDonogh football game last year with classmates from all grades bonded together by the shared experiences and the joy of the comeback. Those are the types of skills that I want to foster to create the most memorable school year yet.