Now, rather than selecting underclassmen, a different advisory is chosen each week. This has left some older students feeling cheated after years of anticipation for the privileges and freedoms of being an upperclassmen.
— Charlie Finnerty - New Lunch Policy
As part of the curriculum, Mr. Brooks taught keystones of statistics such as normalization and linear regression and took the first unit to enrich his students on the deep history of baseball.
— Jackson Tacka - Baseball and Statistics
Although the average high-school size in Maryland—1,161 students— vastly outnumbers Gilman’s spike in enrollment, our school has had to adjust to an influx in students.
— Michael Johnson - Standing Room Only
I think it would be very enjoyable if Two teachers had completely different opinions and battled it out to win the audience. I think a strong conflict would make the audience more active.
— Peter Milch - Fishbowl Assembly Reactions