All in all, students who attended the New York Networking event said that it was an excellent experience and one that has helped students learn more about the real day-to-day of the industry.
— Ibbe Ashruf - Gilman STEMs Out
Both projects will present Gilman students with even better athletic experiences this upcoming school year, but more importantly, they give those students a safer ground on which they can play and compete.
— Max Sternlicht - Field Renovations
Although the average high-school size in Maryland—1,161 students— vastly outnumbers Gilman’s spike in enrollment, our school has had to adjust to an influx in students.
— Michael Johnson - Standing Room Only
I think it would be very enjoyable if Two teachers had completely different opinions and battled it out to win the audience. I think a strong conflict would make the audience more active.
— Peter Milch - Fishbowl Assembly Reactions