Mind. Body. Spirit. - Churchill 2015

Favorite Rita's / Tropicool ice flavor:

I don't like italian ice

How many times do you plan to mention J.D. Kameen in your speech?

Zero times, that’s been done before and personally I’m sick of it.

How would you train a blind squirrel to find a nut?

I would use smell, but I wouldn’t be overly hopeful about the results

Did you laugh, cringe, or praise Kevin Peters' question to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in assembly a few weeks ago?

I cringed

What are you passionate about?

The harry potter series, Baltimore Sports, and anything involving Sr. Leon

If an article were to be written about you in the Gilman News, what would the headline say?

BTHNKFL: A Minivan, A Candidate, And An Attitude

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