The 2016 election season is upon us! Elections will take place the week of May 16th; all election functions will take place during assembly. The process will commence on Tuesday, May 17th with platform speeches. Then, The Gilman News will host a question and answer session on May 18th, and votes will be submitted/counted on May 19th.

This year, in order to create a more substantive election, The Gilman News’s editorial staff consulted a range of students to discover what the voters would like to hear the candidates talk about. After much deliberation, it was decided that all candidates would be required to record video speeches in which they would discuss the issues that garnered the most attention from student voters. Candidates were asked to elaborate on the three following subjects:


Cultural Appropriation

Dance themes, Gilman-Bryn Mawr relations, and the pep rally


The cell phone policy, internet restrictions, and Snapchat

Any issue 

That has fractured or angered the student body in the past couple of years 



Jordan Yaffe

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