What is the first thing you will do as student body president?

I would push for more transparency between the administration and the student body. I feel this year we have had very little information surrounding the schedule change and don't want something similar to happen with other changes that might occur.

What do you love most about Gilman?

I love the Gilman community, especially when it comes to events like games. I love the atmosphere in all the hype student sections and really want to get more of them out to both home and away games.

Why should the student body vote for you?

       I want what is best for the student body as a whole. Whatever they want, I want, and I will relentlessly fight for them to get their voices heard. 

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What makes you different from the other candidates?

  Other than being the shortest candidate, I'm the only candidate that is a part of the aquatics program, which is rarely heard from. I can represent and vouch for the underrepresented sub-communities within the larger Gilman community as a whole. 

Movie that best describes my life