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In order to create a more substantive election, The Gilman News’s editorial staff consulted a range of students to discover what the voters would like to hear the candidates talk about. Candidates were asked to elaborate on the three following subjects:

1. Tri-School relations: After a turbulent year, articulate your thoughts on how we could improve our relationships with the girls schools?

2. Gilman Culture: What defines Gilman culture? What specific aspects of Gilman culture would you like to maintain, add, or remove?

3. School Unity: What specific actions would you take to create a more unified student body?

4. Any issue that has fractured or angered the student body in the past couple of years


Hey Guys, my name is Sam Jeppi, and I am running for student body president next year. If there is one thing that I know and love it is Gilman School. I have been a member of this place since I was six. I remember everything from Pioneer Day, to Super Gras, to the 100th game two years ago, and I can honestly say that while I have not loved every minute of my 11 years the lessons and values I have learned are invaluable. I want everyone’s Gilman experience to be as lasting as mine and have as much of a positive impact as possible.

I am not the type of person to make many campaign promises. These promises are simply words and as we all know actions speak louder than words. I will not give you false campaign promises or far fetched aspirations for next year, but I will tell you that if I am elected, I will do everything in my power to make the student experience, your experience, as unforgettable as possible.

         I have done a lot with and for our school, and filled many roles here in the past. There is nothing I would take more pleasure in or be more honored to do than serve as your Student Body president for the next school year. These roles however and my accomplishments are not why you should elect me as your president. If that is enough for you than that is fine, but I firmly believe that being Student Body president is so much more than the boxes one has checked off.

         Student Body president is not simply a role; it is a full time job. It takes total dedication to your friends and fellow Gilman students to fulfill correctly. This is something I will happily do. Being President also requires that the person must have strong moral character and dedication. He must be willing to do the tasks that are not enjoyable and work tirelessly night and day to succeed. I have seen Matt Tomaselli do this very well.  This year, as Junior Class President I worked with Matt, and his lessons reinforced in my mind what is to be a great leader and how to put the group before oneself. This is what I will do as Student Body President. I will put the needs of the students before those of my own. We are all Gilman men, from the youngest lower schooler to oldest senior, and we are the ones who will define Gilman in the coming years, so we all must have a voice in our school.

         Now there are also some topics that the current students at the Gilman news would like my input on. The First is Tri-School Relations. I will not sugarcoat it by telling you that relations between our schools are great right now. In reality there is a lot of tension from all sides, but that said, we can’t cut ties with our sister schools. In life we will need to get along with those who do not agree with our beliefs, and that is what we must do in this situation.  Also not all those who attend Bryn Mawr and RPCS disagree with the things that Gilman does, I know all my classmates have friends that attend both schools. One of my goals as President is to meet every other month with the student governments of our sister schools to discuss any pop-up issues, upcoming events, and opportunities to collaborate. That said, make no mistake that, I firmly believe that our school has the right to control its own internal affairs without the interference of outside forces, and as your president I will always stand up for the interests of you, our students, first. It is the President of GILMAN’s student body that should lead Gilman School.

         The second topic is Gilman Culture. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love Gilman, and I think our culture is a great one. It is not dominated by any one group, but rather our culture is a mix of academics, drama, debate, athletics, mock trial, clubs, arts, and the dozens of other things that Gilman offers. I want this to continue. One thing I would like to add is more interaction with the lower schoolers who look up to us. I remember  when I was in first grade how cool all the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders looked and how badly I wanted to be like them. I would like to ensure that this tradition continues and becomes a staple of Gilman’s culture.

         The third topic is School Unity. This I think is one of the most important things that Gilman fosters. Whether it is with friends in the lunch room, in a group project, or on the athletic field, the feelings of togetherness that we foster are so important to who we are as a school. From the Seniors to the Kindergarteners, we are all Gilman students and we all share a special bond that so many other schools can only hope to achieve.

         The final topic is a controversial issue from the past that we would have handled differently. I will choose one that we are all well aware of. The incident with the Senior Room this past winter.  This occurrence was unlike any I have ever seen at Gilman. It rocked the student body, and pushed a wedge between us and our sister school. The action itself was a mistake, which resulted in the punishment of multiple seniors.  This issue left an unnecessary stain on the senior class, whom we all respected. Had I been president, I would have emphasized this as a teachable moment and focused on what could be done to ensure that this sort of thing did not occur again. Our school champions Integrity, or how we act when people are not watching, therefore I would have tried to foster a sense of accountability in ourselves.

         I hope that this has given you more insight as to who I am as a candidate.  If you have any questions for me please feel free to stop me in the hallways or email me. I, Sam Jeppi , can think of no higher honor for me or greater way to finish off my Gilman career than to serve all of you as Student Body president next year.  So let’s work together to make next year a memorable one.