What is the first thing you will do as student body president?

If I’m elected as student body president next Thursday, I would first organize a meeting with the administration. I want to start as early as possible, so the day after the election, I want to meet with Mr. Heubeck as well as other members of the administration to discuss how I can replicate what went right this year and avoid that which made this year run less smoothly. I would also like to meet with the class presidents of each grade in order to start the process of making next year incredible.

What do you love most about Gilman?

I love the bonds that I’ve built with my Gilman brothers. I wouldn’t be running if it wasn’t for the friendships that I’ve built and for the love I have for this school. Being here for going on 11 years, I’ve grown up with many of the people I call my classmates. I want everybody at this incredible school to have the best year possible, and I feel as though I’m the candidate to make that happen.

Why should the student body vote for you?

The student body should vote for me because I believe I can make next year the best school year we’ve had at Gilman in a decade. I’m not shooting for a “pretty good year.” I can back this bold promise up with my tireless work ethic and commitment to my classmates. I will have open ears for any and all complaints or concerns the student body may have, and I can make sure that these are addressed adequately and quickly with the administration.

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What makes you different from the other candidates?

I’m different from the other candidates because I believe that I can make next year the best. There are plenty of very good candidates running, and if one of them wins, we will have a pretty good year next year. But with me, the 2019-2020 school year can legitimately go down in the Gilman history books. What distinguishes me from the pool of candidates is my energy and excitement, my work ethic, and my passion for this school. With me, I can guarantee a fun year because I wouldn’t allow it any other way.

What is one movie that perfectly describes your life?

The movie that I feel perfectly describes my life is the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Spongebob is an extremely hard worker, and is loyal to a T, and is a guy who always approaches every situation with a smile. Throughout the movie, Spongebob encounters many obstacles, many of which test his endurance and character. Despite this, he and his best friend Patrick Star persevere, carrying their head high through trials and tribulations that would wear any other sponge down. As a result of their hard work and sacrifice, they were able to retrieve King Neptune’s crown and save Bikini Bottom from inevitable doom.