Dr. Chris Ciarleglio

Dr. Chris Ciarleglio

By: Michael Johnson

Gilman’s newest addition to the Science Department is neurobiologist Dr. Chris Ciarleglio. Dr. Ciarleglio is a Connecticut native and attended Vanderbilt University. Dr. Ciarleglio boasts an impressive career in education since graduating in 2009—he taught at The Gunnery, an elite boarding school in Connecticut, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University. At Brown, Dr. Ciarleglio also taught a summer “college- level pre-college course” in biology titled “Principles of Human Physiology.” The profession could be said to run in the family. As Ciarleglio explains, “My family has been in secondary education forever.” 

Additionally, his professional back- ground includes some good-natured controversy, for he has been mistakenly credited with substantiating Astrology. “If you google me, apparently I am the person who scientifically proved Astrology to be true, which is not what I did at all. That particular legend has become pervasive.” Instead, Dr. Ciarleglio has authored a myriad of papers in the eld of neurobiology, including “Interactions of the serotonin and circadian systems: nature and nurture in rhythms and blues,” “Perinatal photoperiod imprints the circadian clock,” and “Population encoding by circadian clock neurons organizes circadian behavior.” 

While it is true that Dr. Ciarleglio has strong ties in New England, he explains he has connections to Gilman as well, “Generally, you shouldn’t know anything about another high school in the middle of another state. However, I have known Mr. Gouline since 2000.” He also has remained friends with an alumni of Gilman’s rivals, the Boys Latin Lakers, so Roland Park is in no way foreign to him. This year, Ciarleglio is most excited to teach “intelligent, enthusiastic students.” As he explained, “This is a college preparatory school with intelligent students, and I have high expectations for them. I like to think that I am malleable as a teacher.” He added, “I think that teaching science, especially biology, is doing science. [It] is doing biology, and [teachers] are there to facilitate.” 

He is set to continue teaching juniors and seniors in honors and AP biology, in addition to coaching football and baseball. With such an accomplished background in biology, Ciarleglio will be an invaluable member of the Gilman faculty.