Mr. Omar Brown

By: Piyush Mavanur

This year, the Upper School welcomes Mr. Omar Brown, a teaching fellow from the Middle School where he taught sixth grade language arts and eighth grade talk class. In the Upper School, Mr. Brown will teach World Cultures and will also join the Admissions staff to connect with prospective Gilman boys more than he could as a teacher. He attended Gilman (‘07) and McDaniel College in Westminster and has never lived outside of Maryland. He described his teaching style as, “didactic and socratic. I try to be socratic in the way I ask questions and didactic by not only exposing students to question, but I want to instill morals and character into my lessons.” 

Mr. Brown hopes to coach an Upper School sport this year; however, he does not yet know which sport that will be. During his high school years, he liked to play intramurals and do other activities on the turf with his friends, such as playing rugby and running in the snow with his other classmates. He reflected on his experiences in intramural sports: “I got to hang out with my friends and I was still able to be active in the stands and support our interscholastic teams.” 

Outside of school, Mr. Brown has a variety of interests including photography and videography. This summer, Mr. Brown took a trip with his wife to Costa Rica, where he took many photos of the mountain ranges and wildlife with his newly purchased Go-Pro. In addition, he also enjoys riding his bike around Baltimore on the newly paved bike lanes. Mr. Brown is a great addition to the Gilman Upper School and we wish him the best of luck.