Mr. Russell Wrenn

Mr. Russell Wrenn

By: Noah Seth

Mr. Russell Wrenn is joining the Gilman faculty this year as an English teacher, offensive coordinator of the football team, and Assistant Athletic Director. As a Gilman graduate from the class of 1996, Mr. Wrenn is not a newcomer to the school, and has two sons at Gilman: Ronan, a first grader, and Cormax, a kindergartener. 

Having been employed as a teacher and football coach at the Westminster School, an independent Christian day school in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Wrenn made the decision to return to Gilman. He explains, “Gilman has always been part of what I’ve thought about and I have very strong ties to Gilman and the people here. When Coach Holley called, it was the fulfillment of something we’ve been thinking about and talking about for twenty years.” 

Having also been provided the opportunity to attend Washington and Lee University through the Keelty scholarship presented to him by former Upper School Head Ms. Iva Turner, Mr. Wrenn is excited to repay what he feels is a debt of gratitude to the school through his teaching and coaching. “Gilman is a place that is very responsible for most of my growth as an adolescent and has also contributed to much of my growth as a professional, he says. Mr. Wrenn hopes to add to the Gilman community through his passion and influence both in the classroom and on the field. 

As a coach, Mr. Wrenn believes that the athletic field is just an extension of the classroom, where failure cannot be hidden. For him, athletics is just another opportunity to work and improve not only academically, but also as athletes and people. This is accomplished through adversity and the perseverance that is required to overcome these hardships. Mr. Wrenn, welcome back.