Mr. Tahare "Tye" Campbell

Mr. Tahare "Tye" Campbell

By: Ibbe Ashruf

After 22 years of service, Mr. Tom Gorski Gilman’s Director of Education and Technology Services retired. However, Gilman’s digital future remains bright with the addition of Mr. Tahare “Tye” Campbell to this position. Mr. Campbell, born and raised in Brooklyn, made the move to Baltimore this summer along with his wife, Kay, and two daughters, Shoahannah and Haley. Following ten years in an informational technology career in New York at Canon Business, he served as Director of Technology at Far Hills Country Day School, a co-ed K-8 school in New Jersey. Mr. Campbell loves to go on road trips, play simulation games, and is a fan of various soccer and baseball teams.  Mr. Campbell is excited to work in an all-boys school and feels that while the everyday life of students is bit different than a co-ed school, he knows that the neighboring schools, Bryn Mawr and Roland Park Country School, will aid with his transition.

Although Mr. Campbell will not be teaching any classes this year, he is looking forward to solving the prevalent issues of both the coming and the prior year with the rest of the department. He said, “I’m looking forward to developing relationships with both faculty as well as students, I have met with students from the student council, and I’m coming in at a time where Gilman is looking to improve things and strengthen its reputation.”

Mr. Campbell wants to use unobtrusive technology at Gilman in exciting and tangible ways to make the lives of students and teachers easier; however, he also wants it to be something that is not thought about, but rather just happens on a daily basis. Additionally, he wants to implement change by increasing communication and speeding up processes in order to put Gilman on the cutting edge. Mr. Campbell implores that students must ask for help with technology skills that they need in order to produce students and graduates at the forefront of their peers and says his door is open to students and faculty.

In previous years, the widespread issues at Gilman were printing and internet access throughout the day. Mr. Campbell said, “Printing should be easy and manageable for everybody to do, however, we should question why we are printing if we have tools to edit, comment, and share like Google Drive.”

This year, Mr. Campbell and the rest of his team aim to analyze the current system of wireless internet, as well as different additional systems, in order to enhance the wi-fi use throughout campus. He believes that the recent update to the mobile phone policy is a step in the next direction and that students are avid smartphone users, but knows that students need to know how to use their cell phones as tools to improve their learning experience and he is also a strong believer in digital citizenship. According to Mr. Campbell, “An environment where everything is completely locked-down does not provide an opportunity for students to practice digital citizenship, and it is very important to me to make sure that we have an environment where students can learn how to use technology appropriately but that does not necessarily mean there are not going to be any restrictions.”

This year, Mr. Campbell will have his hands full with duties of the Education and Technology Services Department and plans to hit the ground running. He wants to implement technology in new and exciting ways and is looking forward to the Baltimore lifestyle and Gilman atmosphere. Mr. Campbell is excited to improve Gilman to the gold standard of technology with excellence, humility, honor, respect, and integrity.