Ms. Kelsey Carper

By: Will Rende

This year, Gilman’s English Department will be joined by Ms. Kelsey Carper, who comes to Gilman with over three years of teaching experience alongside a B.A. from Loyola University Maryland and an M.A.T. from Notre Dame of Maryland University. Having previously taught at a high school in Frederick, Maryland, Ms. Carper will be teaching two sections each of English 10 and English 11. 

Over the course of her three years teaching in Frederick, Ms. Carper developed a teaching style which she describes as, “focused on interaction and discussion.” She added, “I prefer to avoid lecturing and let students speak as much as possible, so my classes typically involve group work and whole class debate and discussion. I also like to include projects and activities that keep things dynamic and fast-paced.” 

According to Ms. Carper, it was Gilman’s, “strong culture of inclusivity and respect,” that drew her to the school. Along with the emphasis that Gilman puts on these values, Ms. Carper was also impressed with the English Department’s curriculum. She noted that she has been excited about the curriculum for a number of years now and, “can’t wait to be a part of the department.” 

Although she has attended and taught at schools here in Maryland, she also holds a great interest in traveling. This summer, she visited cities all across Europe, including Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. “The museums and architecture were absolutely stunning, and the food was incredible,” said Ms. Carper about the trip. Besides traveling and teaching, she also has a variety of hobbies including reading, cooking, rooting for the Red Sox, and watching new Netflix shows. 

This year, Ms. Carper is most looking forward to, “learning from my impressive colleagues and students as well as growing as a teacher as much as possible.” 

Gilman is fortunate to have an educator with as much experience and passion for teaching as Ms. Carper and we wish her the best of luck with the upcoming school year.